28+ Hilarious Gag Gifts To Make Anyone Laugh
28+ Hilarious Gag Gifts To Make Anyone Laugh

Sometimes, the best gifts are those that make your people laugh. While holidays and parties are the best times to reflect on everything that has been unfolding, gag and funny gifts can spice up the mood and give a chance to express your love. It is impossible not to smile while unwrapping these gag gifts. You can get them for your family and friends to make them laugh out their lungs and lighten up the holiday.

Wooden Miniature Violin

1. Wooden Miniature Violin

A perfect piece for music or violin enthusiasts and collectors of all ages. The violin comes with a bow, case and 3 different kinds of strings. The wooden miniature violin is high-grade miniature music instrument that can be used as home decoration, mini toy, collection hobby and can make a perfect Gag gifts. 


Funny Doormat

2. Funny Doormat

Make your guests laugh everytime they visit your home. This funny rubber doormat featuring a typical house scene with the quote “Welcome” in large letters and the title, “Hold on we’re probably not wearing pants.” is great for a gift or an addition to any home.


Poop Bag Dispenser

3. Poop Bag Dispenser

The Poop Bag Dispenser is a dog poop bag holder and dispenser that attaches securely to a collar or leash, holds a standard roll of poop bags, and keeps bags clean and off the ground. Keep your hands clean and carry your garbage with you without feeling slimy.


Electric Carving Knife

4. Electric Carving Knife

The Mighty Carver is an incredibly sharp carving knife that offers the precision to easily create beautiful cuts of meat with very little effort. The Mighty Carver’s unique, ergonomic handle allows for both a relaxed and comfortable carving experience in addition to providing simple yet easy control and stability, meaning you can cut straight down, or at a slight angle to easily produce consistent results.


Skull Shaving Razor

5. Skull Shaving Razor

HeadBlade MOTO is the next generation of shaving. You’ll feel the difference instantly when you first use HeadBlade MOTO. Dual Active suspension bends to your scalp’s natural contours for an extremely close shave with minimal effort. The patented torsion suspension cradles the head, flexing to adapt for all surfaces. Whether you prefer a fast or slow shave, control it for a personalized experience.


Ninja Star Fridge Magnets

6. Ninja Stars Fridge Magnets

These fridge magnets are perfect for your fridge or whiteboard. Great for organizing and helping to remember things that need doing, they have a clean finish, which is ideal for customizing with your own text on the reverse.


UFO Plant Holder

7. UFO Plant Holder

The little alien took the planet by storm and now he’s landed in your home. This beautifully hand-crafted product actually looks like an alien spaceship that has been filled with soil and a large fern. An adorable piece that is as functional as it is fun.


Backward Clock

8. Backward Clock

The reverse wall clock featuring a classic home decor style will bring a pop of chic simplicity to your dining room. The reverse face is easy to read, while the attractive combination of materials gives it an urban appeal that works in both contemporary and traditional styles.


Fleece Blanket With Sleeves

9. Fleece Blanket With Sleeves

The Pavilia Fleece Blanket is the perfect accessory to add to your movie night or daily activities. No one will ever know that you are wearing a blanket with sleeves and foot pockets. They might even think you picked out a new, stylish sweater! You can wear it all year round without excess weight on those warm summer evenings where you want to throw on a cozy, wearable blanket.


Thank You Rubber Stamp

10. Thank You Rubber Stamp

Want to get a stamp machine for showing people thanks? Then pick up this cool little stamp machine. It might make a comical gift for someone who has spent all of their professional life stamping forms. The re-inkable stamp offers a comical blue ink finish to anything you wish to officially stamp.


Golf Bag Pen Holder

11. Golf Bag Pen Holder

Someone in your life in need of a new set of pens but would rather spend their time out on the golf course? This is a great pick for any co-worker, friend, or family member who might have a love of the green. These smart little golf pens come in their own little golf caddy holder that should be the ideal gift for anyone who loves to write and tee-off at their local course.


Half Slice Beer Glass

12. Half Sliced Beer Glass

A good wine or beer tasting is not complete without the right glass. This half-sliced glasses provides you with a fun and original way to serve your wine, beer, champagne, whiskey, etc. A good choice for friends who like drinking at home or bar. This item will greatly add color to your party time together with friends and families.


Extra Large Back Scratcher

13. Extra Large Back Scratcher

While it is nice to have a wife to scratch your back, but when she isn’t around the Redneck Back Scratcher was designed to do the job. It is the best or at least the biggest backscratcher on the planet! Just rub your back against it or use your hand to get to those hard-to-reach places and relieve those tired muscles. Funny, unique, practical, and manly gift.


Denim Style Baking Cups

14. Denim Style Baking Cups

This set of Muffin Tops are perfect for anyone who loves to bake. Each cup is made to look like a pair of jeans and makes baking muffins fun while offering the traditional benefits of non-stick baking cups. The set is heat resistant to 445° Fahrenheit and can be used in microwave ovens, as well as on top of stoves and in conventional or convection ovens.


Most Difficult Jigsaw Puzzle

15. Most Difficult Jigsaw Puzzle

The biggest blank jigsaw puzzle in the world. Not one, but a set of 654 individual pieces that interlock perfectly, thanks to new Softclick technology that together make one giant picture. Every puzzle piece is unique – it has different shades and shapes. It’s a fun challenge to put it together.


Funny Cat Face Mask

16. Funny Cat Face Mask

Hey there, lovable cat-lovers. Are you looking for funny cat masks? Do you want to be a cute kitty at your cosplay party? You are in the right place! This funny mask features a cat face that will draw strange looks and create laughter among the people around you.


Carry On Cocktail Kit

17. Carry On Cocktail Kit

The W&P Craft Cocktail Kit is the perfect portable cocktail maker. It transforms any spirit into a creamy, spicy drink in seconds. It even wins over those who claim they don’t like Bloody Marys! Also great for parties or watching football games—don’t get stuck drinking only beer!


52 Things To Do While Poo

18. 52 Things To Do While You Poo

The illustrated book is full of quirky and funny ideas on what to do while taking your time on the toilet. With 52 fun and imaginative ways to pass the time, this handy pocket-sized book is a must for all the bog-lovers. It will quickly become one of your most treasured possessions (…literally!). So next time you’re taking a dump, say goodbye to boredom and hello to the 52 magical things you can do while sitting on the potty!


Blood Bath Shower Gel

19. Blood Bath Shower Gel

Bring a touch of whimsy to your bathtime routine with the Blood Bath shower gel. Featuring a red, beaker-shaped bottle with a spinning hat, this reviving blood-red gel lathers on to deliver sweet-smelling bubbles that will have you feeling like a kid again. Now bathe yourself in true horror movie style and recreate those scary scenes.


Scorpion Lollipops

20. Scorpion Lollipops

These juicy scorpion suckers make a wonderful novelty gift. And not only are they funny and interesting, they come absolutely bursting with flavour. In each packet, you get an assorted collection of banana, apple, blueberry, and strawberry flavours; share them out among those who you care about most and enjoy a juicy, sweet treat this summer! A great choice for a sweet treat with variety.


Skeleton Pen Drive

21. Skeleton Pen Drive

The 32GB USB flash drive looks like a cartoon skeleton, and its own unique shape makes it stand out. The drive lets you store all of your photos, videos, music, and documents on it. This memory stick can be used to carry your files around with style!


Bacon Strips Bandages

22. Bacon Strips Bandages

There are no as good as these bacon strips to cover a cut or scrape. Treat your small cuts and scratches with these incredible healing power of meat. These bacon Strips are created to look same like small slabs of bacon. What a smart and fun way to hide your wounds and pain.


Sir Perky Bottle Topper

23. Perky Bottle Topper

Sir Perky is the condiment bottle topper that allows you to reach every last bit of condiment left in the bottle. When you feel like there just isn’t enough space in your ketchup bottle for that last bit, or there isn’t enough mustard left on the end, Sir Perky will solve that problem.


Money To Burn Fire Starter

24. Money To Burn Fire Starter 

Use this money-to-burn fire starter set to light your campfires, burn kindling and logs for your furnace, pep up charcoal grilling on your barbecue, and more. The perfect solution for any burning need. These money-to-burn fire starters get the flames roaring with no mess, fuss, or matches required.


Macaroni and Cheese Soap

25. Macaroni And Cheese Soap

Whether you’re thinking of a gag gift, an extreme macaroni soap for a friend in a dorm, or desperate for bath-time entertainment for your kids, this soap has all the fun of a favorite childhood snack. The macaroni and cheese soap looks just like the favorite childhood meal but is actually all-natural and 100% vegetarian! Stretch, squeeze, and squish the fun novelty soap to clean up your dirty dishes.


Retired Business Cards

26. Retired Business Cards

Got someone in your life who is hitting retirement age? Then give them this comical little gift. It’s the kind of charming gift that is sure to make them crack a smile. Retirement is something we all wait for, and we don’t want to be bothered when we hit that golden age, right? Well, if someone you cherish has spent their life handing out business cards, give them these hilarious retirement business cards to hand out instead. Now, when someone asks them for ‘one last job’, they can provide a witty retort.


Vintage Cassette Tape Case

27. Vintage Cassette Tape Case

Buying a gift for a phone user with a hankering for the retro days? Then this cassette tape phone cover makes a must-buy. It’s a classic take on an 80s tape, using the classic design whilst providing you with an iPhone compatible phone cover. Pick the style you like, and make sure you always have a strong, shockproof protective cover to help keep the phone inside well-protected.


Sudoku Tiolet Paper

28. Sudoku Toilet Paper

Now you can solve the age-old mystery of the Sudoku and bring homemade humor into any toiletry routine. This unique novelty toilet paper is meant only for decoration, but if you have a smartypants who wants to solve it really quickly then go ahead and buy one.